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As humanity stands poised once-more upon brink of self-destruction, we at Prick-Tees have chosen to release this unique design as an appeal for rational thought during difficult times.

Colour : Black
Price : £15.00 inc p & p

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After a millennium of conflict between Christianity and Islam, what exactly has been achieved? Both sides unfortunately appear to be as bigoted and self-righteous as ever, with no hope of any lasting agreement in sight.

Has anyone among them ever considered that it may be time to try a new way of thinking?

This limited-edition garment will I'm sure create quite a stir at any Armageddon party. Have the last-laugh on your mates as the world comes to a hideous end by proving with this shirt that "I told you so!". Anthrax-proof and woven from 100% pure Kryptonite, it's completely guaranteed to survive a direct-hit from most thermonuclear weapons.